Matthieu Barret, INRAE, Angers, France – seed microbial communities

Frédéric Barraquand, CNRS, Bordeaux, France – theoretical community ecology

David Bohan, INRAE, Dijon, France – network ecology and next-gen biomonitoring

Régis Burlett, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – tree ecophysiology

Marc Buée, INRAE, Nancy, France – forest fungal communities

Yves Brunet, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – bioaerosols microbiology

Thierry Candresse, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – plant virology

Bastien Castagneyrol, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – forest insect ecology

Julien Chiquet, AgroParisTech, Paris, France – statistical analysis of networks

Stéphane Compant, AIT, Tulln, Austria – microbiology and microscopy

Chloé Delmas, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – grapevine pathology and ecophysiology

Sylvain Delzon, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – tree ecophysiology

Arndt Hampe, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – global change ecology

Simon Labarthe, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – microbial interactions modelling

Valérie Laval, INRAE, Versailles, France – fungal metabarcoding and plant pathology

Céline Leroy, IRD, Kourou, French Guiana – tropical ecology

Isabelle Masneuf-Pomarède, BSA, Bordeaux, France – vine and wine microbiology

Cindy Morris, INRAE, Avignon, France – phyllosphere microbiology

Christophe Mougel, INRAE, Rennes, France – rhizosphere microbiology

Otso Ovaskainen, University of Helsinski, Finland – theoretical community ecology

Annabel. J. Porté, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – tree ecophysiology

Stéphane Robin, AgroParisTech, Paris, France – statistical analysis of networks

Mélanie Roy, University of Toulouse, France – forest-vineyard interactions

Adrien Rusch, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – agroecology and insect ecology

Heidy Schimann, INRAE, Kourou, French Guiana – forest fungal communities and tropical ecology

Frédéric Suffert, INRAE, Versailles, France – plant disease epidemiology

Angela Sessitsch, AIT, Austria – crop microbiome

Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad, Imperial College London, UK – machine-learning

Patrice This, INRAE, Montpellier – grapevine microbiome and genetics

Jessica Vallance, BSA, Bordeaux, France – grapevine microbiology

Lisa Wingate, INRAE, Bordeaux, France – tree ecophysiology and forest microclimate

Amy Zanne, GWU, Washington, USA – forest microbial communities

Lucie Zinger, IBENS, Paris, France – metabarcoding and forest microbiome


All members of the Next-Generation Biomonitoring project (ANR NGB)

All members of the BCMicrobiome project (funded by the Biocontrol Consortium)

All members of the PGTB sequencing facility

REX Consortium (Denis Bourguet, Thomas Guillemaud, François Delmotte, Pierre Frank, Xavier Reboud, Anne-Sophie Walker) – a long-lasting collaboration on the evolution of resistance to pesticides and drugs