*Projects on forest microbiomes

**Projects on crop microbiomes

Ongoing projects

*INTERACTIF (funded by Labex CEBA, PI: C. Leroy, 2021-23, 98 k€) – Interactive effects of deforestation and climate change on neotropical freshwater ecological networks and ecosystem multifunctionality

**Contribution to the GRAPEVINE MICROBIOME SURVEY (PI: Dr Raúl Ochoa-Hueso and Dr  Manuel Delgado-Baquerizo). This project is part of the Global Initiative of Crop Microbiome and Sustainable Agriculture

**VITAE (funded by ANR, PI : F. Delmotte, 2021-27, 2999 k€) – Cultivating the grapevine without pesticides : towards agroecological wine-producing socio-ecosystems / VITAE WP1 (WP Leaders: C. Vacher/S. Labarthe) – Microbiota-based disease management

*Holobrom (funded by INRAE Holoflux metaprogram, PI : C. Roy/H. Schimann, 2020-22, 50 k€) – Maternal effects and environmental filtering on microbial fluxes from mother plants to offspring

*AGIS (funded by Labex COTE, PI : O. Lepais, 2019-2022, 29 k€)- In situ genetical analyses

**BCMicrobiome (funded by the Biocontrol Consortium, PI : C. Vacher/D. Bohan, 2018-21, 195 k€) – Learning microbial networks from metabarcoding data: application to biological control [Press release]

*NGB (funded by ANR, PI : D. Bohan, 2017-2021, 790 k€) – Next Generation Biomonitoring of change in ecosystem structure and function / NGB WP1 (WP Leaders: C. Vacher/E. Guichoux) – Sampling and metabarcoding

Past projects (since 2015)

*MicroMic (funded by Labex COTE, PI : C. Vacher, 2017-20, 277 k€) – Forecasting changes in microclimate and microbial diversity in forest canopies under climate change scenarios  

*Athene (funded by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, PI : C.Vacher, 2016-20, 202 k€) – Mitigating the effects of climate change on the biodiversity and ecosystem services of forests in Aquitaine

*Drought (funded by the Labex CEBA, PI : D. Bonal, 2016-19, 268 k€) – Functional diversity and response to drought in tropical forests

**ANTOPTIC (funded by the LABEX COTE, PI : A. Rusch, 2018-19, 39 k€) – Analysis of trophic network to optimize the delivery of natural pest control services

*Vertige (funded by the Labex CEBA, PI : H. Schimann, 2017-18, 27 k€) – Vertical stratification and functioning of the fungal and bacterial communities in the canopy of a tropical rainforest

**Brassica-Div-Patho (funded by the INRA MEM metaprogram, PI : C. Mougel, 2016-18, 50 k€) – Microbial diversity and microbial networks associated to Brassica napus

**Learn-Biocontrol (funded by the INRA MEM metaprogram and Bordeaux Sciences Agro, PI : C. Vacher / J. Vallance, 2016-18, 146 k€) – Learning microbial networks from NGS data : application to biocontrol

*MicroFlux (funded by EC2CO, PI : E. Lamaud, 2016-17, 23kE) – Airflow measurement system for characterizing bacterial emission from land surfaces

*Metabar (funded by the INRA MEM metaprogramme, PI : M. Buee, 2016-17, 50 k€) – Metabarcoding of microbial metacommunities

Under assessment

*USES (submitted to Univ. Bordeaux, PI : S. Courvoisier) – Urban socio-ecosystems

**VineESCAFree (submitted to ANR, PI : P. Rey) – Managing vineyards by developing complementary control approaches against grapevine Esca disease